Keepsake Jewellery & Gifts

Welcome to Treasure Your Moments. A store for all your keepsake jewellery and to forever keep the memories of your loved ones with you at all times.

Handmade Keepsake Jewellery from Ashes

Treasure the memory of your loved one forever with bespoke keepsake jewellery that lets you carry them with you wherever you go. Our skilled craftspeople lovingly create exquisite pieces that include ashes or hair from your loved one, mingled with glass to make a beautiful gem set into a
ring, necklace pendant, or cufflinks. Our ashes jewellery can be made in a range of shapes, from a simple circle to a heart, or whatever carries the most meaning to you, and expresses your memories in the best way.

All ashes jewellery items are individually made to order
here in the UK. Your treasured item will arrive in a luxury gift box. We can make jewellery from ashes or hair or just something you want to keep. To order your keepsake jewellery, complete your online order. We will request a sample of your loved one’s ashes or hair. Our dedicated team will keep you updated every step of the way, until your item arrives at your door.

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Jewellery & Gifts Made From Hair

Our bespoke range of memorial jewellery can be made from hair belonging to a beloved family member or pet who has passed away. Choose from a ring, necklace, earrings or cufflinks. Our skilled craftspeople will embed your sample of hair into glass or resin, which is then set into the
jewellery item, before carefully packing it and sending it to your door. We can craft keepsake jewellery from ashes and hair at the same time if you desire. Any hair that is not used in your jewellery will be sent safely back to you.

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Pets Ashes Jewellery

The passing of a beloved pet can bring a profound sense of loss. To preserve their memory, and carry a piece of your cat or dog with you forever, our talented team will lovingly create a unique piece of jewellery from their ashes or fur at our workshop here in the UK. Our pets ashes jewellery comes in a variety of styles, shapes and colours, including heart,
circle, or even a pawprint.

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